Hiring a writer for articles

Written by  on October 20, 2017

I'm considering hiring someone to write articles. I would provide the desired subject for each article.

I looked in the copywriting forum and holy geez, it was dizzying seeing all the offers to write articles. How in the world would you choose the right one from all those?

Also, the prices seem all over the board. As a precaution I never hire the cheapest rate person for anything in life. But I'm curious how you guys found your writers, and what was your experience? Do you look only for…

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Hello there

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Hi! I'm lucar – also known (by nobody, actually) as alexanderesyr on HF -. I'm mostly interested in moneymaking methods, but don't get me wrong, I'm well aware that half of the "methods" are trash.

I'm also interested in languages: I speak Italian (my mothertongue), english (as you can see), spanish (sì, claro, aspañol también) and a little bit of russian (привет!).
I'm chill, just looking for a community to have some fun!

perfectvoucher.com is it scam or legitimate ?

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Hello as currencies are fucking too complicated to buy them online, i decided to loaded my perfectmoney account via wire but that was impossible so i had to look for alternative ways and i found perfectvoucher. i talked to them by e mail as i was interested to buy 5000k so they offer me a very excellent rate which i couldn t resiste but hey wait ?
the offer looks too good to be truth.
i made a quick search on google and most reviews were negative. i return to them asking for explantion and…

perfectvoucher.com is it scam or legitimate ? ^(http://marathimaati.com/goto/https://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/perfectvoucher-com-is-it-scam-or-legitimate.981364/)

Qeestion for Affiliate marketers

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Hi all,

I am curious to learn from affiliates what you are most interested in from people like me who have a product. I want to add my product which is a travel hacking ebook to some affiliate programs and your input and advice would be great.

What pisses you off about a product?
What do you look for to decide if a product is worth you time promoting?

Some of the things I think I should do are the following.

1. Offer the highest commission % to any affilaite who signs up.
2. Offer a…

Qeestion for Affiliate marketers ^(http://marathimaati.com/goto/https://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/qeestion-for-affiliate-marketers.981195/)

Email Scraper

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I need a scraper developed that can go through users on its own and scrape emails from the bio or the "contact" button and input them into a CSV along with Instagram handle. I use to have a javascript code that could prefer this for me.


good money from youtube the problem is community strike

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i have been making good money with youtube
i get always community strike
how to overcome youtube community strike .?


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Do you have a Spotify account but need to go Premium? Well, I can make your account a premium account and enjoy all the benefits of Spotify music

Custom Spotify Account to Premium


*Upgrade from Basic to Premium Spotify
*Enjoy all the benefits of a full Premium Spotify Account
*This is your own account which means no one shares this account
*Account will be…

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[giveaway] 5000 Recipes

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Hey everyone,

I thought i'd give back to the forum that has been helping so much, and I'm giving away 5000 recipes.

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Hope you have success with these!

Need Help for PPC of Pharmacy Website

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I have a pharmacy website and i was work with 7Search but they shut down the business .. now i am looking good PPC company for pharmacy website .. .. Please help me .. i don't have pharmacy checker ID so i can't try google, yahoo,bing .. . please advise me ..

Thank You

Life is a Race

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Hi Black Hatters..

Am New to Black Hat World…
But 21 years Old

An Young Energetic Racer..
Ready ..
One | Two | Three –> Race Starts.. ,,

This is my Introduction.. So, Adjust & Welcome me..