Crypto Pump and Dump – Anyone Into It?

Written by  on November 19, 2017

Great article here: ^(

Totally unregulated…

Why there isn´t a BHW coin (not token) yet?

Written by  on November 19, 2017

Why there isn´t a mineable BHW cryptocoin yet? I think it will be awesome to stop patronizing paypal and have a BHW coin. I´m not sure if this has been discussed before.
I´m thinking about a real cryptocoin not ETH shittoken, with it´s own blockchain, wallets, block explorer etc.

Looking for pharma affiliate program? Region: Neutherlands (NL)

Written by  on November 19, 2017

Can someone recommend a Netherlands affiliate program? Niche: Pharma

Need Custom WordPress Plugin (Easy Work)

Written by  on November 19, 2017


I need a wordpress plugin to translate my posts to another language using yandex/google API.
More details PM


Need a account creator (gmail)

Written by  on November 19, 2017

I need someone that can create custom gmail accounts.

On how many accounts can i login with one device?

Written by  on November 19, 2017

I use 1 proxy per acc on bot.

I'm worried about if IG connects same device ID between all my accounts. So if 1 gets banned will other accounts too?

I manage 5 with one device right now. Thinking about expanding my network but i don't have enough devices to check all accounts. So is logging in to more than 5 with one phone ok?

Which CPA network offers the best content locker (gateway)?

Written by  on November 19, 2017

Which CPA network offers the best content locker and why?
What's your opinion about this?

what could bring a esports webste wth google adsense 3M visit per month

Written by  on November 19, 2017

Hello i want to ask what rough profit an esport website with 2-3M vsits per month can bring in per month vai adsense … i know this vary a lot but i want to know whats possible :D its a esports blog with lot of vdieos, guides, news

Help!! Can’t login purchased YouTube account.

Written by  on November 19, 2017

Good day guys. I bought some YouTube accounts from pvazone for my cousin and I tried logging into the accounts all to no avail. Any suggestions on what to do?

I have a channel with 85k subscribers.Need help!

Written by  on November 19, 2017

You all are pro,i am not a very trained youtuber but a hard working video takes time to get made – my mean about 2weeks on single video.(no animation).i was planning to start monetization on my channel,any idea how much would i earn on my first month ?i have 20million views per month.and most of them from country like India about 85%.