Should I revive old website or not worth it?

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So I had a website which would now be 2 years old, the website made me around ~3-4k in the first year, ranked #1 for a 7k MS keyword which brought almost 2k in a single month then for some reason as I kept adding more content (and since website was aged) I started sending some more decent quality links and keywords ended up going down and traffic went from 700-1k a day to 30-100 a day with almost no money (like 30$ a month or so) ended up waiting for a few months without touching anything to…

Should I revive old website or not worth it? ^(

Need help figuring out how to get paid.

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So I have 0 problems paying taxes on this business I would like to run.
I would not like the people paying me for my products to be able to figure out who I am.
I am not selling anything illegal or anything like that.
I am trying to get away from other business partners and start my own gig.

I am in Canada
Selling a consumable item that I would ship to the people purchasing.

How can I get paid and have access to my funds.

I want to check my blue fanspage

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Who teaches me to verify my fanspage or sell me for good price the method

SEO issues want expert to discuss!!!

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Hi mates, I was confused by these SEO questions for a very while and nobody fixed my issue, hope someone can kindly give me any suggestion!

I have an old site ( that's my company's official website. At first I found that the blog page(wrote by WordPress) didn't actually integrate the homepage and some other loading speed problems etc. When I did all optimize moves I can, then regular post content, did some backlink, exchange link, and I did AMP as well, but it was growing too…

SEO issues want expert to discuss!!! ^(


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hello guys,
here!! i need someone to help me about posting with aged account.

When you’re looking for a new niche how do you actually go about finding one?

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No matter where I look I cant find a single keyword like "best xxxx" for amazon that already doesn't have a competitor ranking #1 (you know those generic sites that compared a few products that everyone does for amazon myself included).

I mean, I don't mind writing 2k words for a 500MS keyword but even those keywords are taken, no matter what niche I can possibly think of it's always filled with competitors, for people without a large budget for link building it's pretty hard to overthrow them.

Xposting: Let’s help build each other pages.

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I'm looking for someone who has big pages in Facebook that want to do cross posting or sharing of post / videos / articles etc. I have various pages that i'm currently handling and interested of users / fans to like my page.

My Niche : Travel

If you are interested you can message me your Facebook Page link and lets help each other:)

Can you over plan?

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I could do with some advice on my planning. I seem to make 'to do' list after list and I end up doing more planning than actually doing.

Is there a fool proof way to make us self employed people do more than we plan? It's all about Psychology of course, but the simplest things can make people's life easier.

Advert Account Disabled

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Recently my Facebook Ads Account has been disabled. I have a pending payment for the previous month (November) unpaid. My question is, will I get my money? Will Facebook pay me what I've earned?

Scraping Bing with Scrapebox.

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Has anybody else noticed scraping bing with Scrapebox isn't providing the correct amount of results via harvester? I'm trying to scrape tumblrs but I notice either a very small amount of results (usually around 10 or under) or 0. But if I manually search bing for the same keyword e.g " example" hundreds of thousands of results are there. Is there anything I can do to get the correct results? (The proxies work fine on bing manually)

Does anybody know how many threads I can…

Scraping Bing with Scrapebox. ^(